ARTA offers the Retiree Benefit Plans of Choice

ARTA's organizational mandate is to support our members in pursuing engaged and active lifestyles. This is evident in the way our association is structured, the benefit plans we offer, and the ancillary services we provide. Whether you are an active employee without access to employer-sponsored group benefits, a retiree under age 65, or a retiree aged 65 and over, ARTA has a plan to fit your vibrant lifestyle.

A financially sustainable, non-profit association.

ARTA puts members first, meaning all premiums paid into the Health Benefit Plans stay within the plan. This policy keeps rates low and allows us to make plan improvements, ensuring members always get the most out of their coverage.

Plan Highlights

Diversity that covers a variety of lifestyles. You can choose the level and style of coverage that best suits your unique goals leading to and following your retirement, including options for single, couple, and family coverage.

Emergency Travel Insurance coverage for sudden and unforseen medical travel expenses when you leave your province of residence. ARTA travel coverage is unique and does not include a termination age, pre-existing conditions clauses, or stability clauses.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance with $10,000 per covered person per trip.

Dental Care Options with preventative, major restorative, and orthodontic coverage available.

Are you eligible?

ARTA welcomes members from many different professions, including the education field, public service, and private industry. Depending on the nature of your work, you may meet different qualification criteria.
This easy-to-use tool will help determine your eligibility to join ARTA.

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ARTA believes that everyone defines wellness in their own way, both while working and in retirement. Because of this, we offer a large amount of customization in our Benefit Plans, allowing each member to choose the level of coverage that fits their needs.

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ARTA works with many organizations across the Private and Public Sectors and have partnerships with Education Affiliate Organizations. Have a look at our major organizations here or click view all below to find yours.

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