ARTARx is Canada’s first plan-owned pharmacy, and ARTA members living within the pharmacy service zone can use it to access a host of pharmacy services. 

Based in Edmonton, ARTARx can be accessed to fill prescriptions, schedule travel vaccinations, consult with pharmacists about medications, and so much more, all in one convenient place. 

ARTARx will work with you to synchronize your medication renewal dates and schedule anticipated delivery. With timely prescription refills and free home delivery, you won't need to worry about your medication running out.

Members who commit to ARTARx as their benefit plan and pharmacy provider receive 100% coverage for all eligible medications under the plan, and will maintain 80% coverage for acute need medications not dispensed by ARTARx. However, Chronic medications (as outlined on our ARTA Chronic Drug Categories) not dispensed by ARTARx for members choosing the ARTARx plan will only be reimbursed at 50%.

ARTARx is designed from the ground up to save members money on medications and streamline the pharmacy process from start to finish.

Pharmacy Service Zone

Regional Description     Postal Code

Beaumont                          T4X
Camrose                              T4V
Edmonton                          T5A T5B T5C T5E T5G T5H T5J T5K T5L T5M 
                                               T5N T5P T5R T5S T5T T5V T5W T5X  T5Y T5Z 
                                               T6A T6B T6C T6E T6G T6H T6J T6K T6L 
                                               T6M T6N T6P T6R T6S T6T T6V T6W T6X
Devon                                  T9G
Fort Saskatchewan          T8L
Leduc                                   T9E
Morinville                            T8R
Sherwood Park                  T8A T8B T8C T8E T8G T8H
Spruce Grove                     T7X T7Y
St. Albert                             T8N T8T
Stony Plain                         T7Z